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List Price: $32.00 IN STOCK
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Does your unlined Helm look ridiculous on your head? This liner will give your helmet the dignity & secure fit every warrior deserves!


HELMET LEATHER LINER KITNobleWares Image of Helmet Leather Liner Kit ULFHM27 by ULFBMRP ULFHM27 by ULFBMRP
Knowing that hand forging a helmet from steel and crafting its liner in leather requires the mastership of two entirely different skill sets, it is of no wonder that many beautifully worked steel Helms are simply produced and sold minus a liner.
Problem: Even though many claim a linerless Helm is "wearable", one must remember that so too is a water pail if you place it upon your head. Not only will it probably look silly, but if the fit is loose, it will undoubtedly have difficulty staying in place with the slightest twist or turn of the body or head. In the end, such linerless helms must be considered display pieces only, even though they fit Battle Ready criteria and are authentic in every other conceivable way.
Solution: Those wishing to add an adjustable leather liner to their helm can do so with this leather liner kit. At 30’’ long and crafted from soft brown leather, this helmet liner can be tailored to fit most helmets. It comes with riveting hardware to secure it within the helmet and a leather cord for size adjustment at the crown. Please note, in the demonstration detail photo (link above), the liner has been placed loosely in the helm, it is not riveted into place. Demonstration Helmets shown not included.


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Overall Height: 30''
Material: Soft Brown Leather
Comes with riveting hardware

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