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List Price: $34.00
Our Price: $28.90

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VIKING WARRIOR WITH SPEARNobleWares Image of Viking Warrior with Spear Statue 6218 by Pacific Giftware 6218 by PACIFIC GIFTWARE
These collectibles are made with high quality resin. You will be amazed by the fine details, vivid and precision coloring and shading found in these hand painted works of art. These dramatic viking collectibles take extensive time to create with meticulous attention to every detail for authentic historic presentation. Sculpted in the midst of a battle this Viking Warrior with Spear (6218) is dressed in full battle gear. Standing 8 inches tall, this fierce warrior is captured posed for battle with spear drawn in throwing position poised to hit his mark. The base is littered with his enemies broken armour and weaponry. Each base is felt lined.


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Height: 8-1/4"
Width: 7-1/2"
(not incl. spear)
Dept: 5-1/4"
Spear Length: 6-1/4"
Material: Cold Cast Resin
Hand Painted in Striking Detail
Weight: 1 lb 8.4 oz
Felt Lined Base

The term viking was first used by Anglo-Saxons in England for the sea-based Scandinavian or Norse raiders of the Viking Age. Scandinavians or Norse were "Vikings" only when they went on raiding parties. When they returned home, they were simply Norse farmers and fishermen. The horned Viking helmet is the one most widely depicted in Viking folklore. The fearsome animal nature of the mighty Viking warrior was depicted by the wearing of horns attached to his helmet and just the silhouette of this horned helmet against a darkening sky would strike terror in the heart of an enemy.
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CELTIC/VIKING Gifts: Page 1 2 3 4 5backNext Item
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