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Collector Price: $76.90

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VIKING NORSE GOD ODIN STATUE NobleWares Image of Viking Norse God Oden 9153 by Pacific Giftware9153 by PACIFIC GIFTWARE
The mighty leader of Asgard and Norse Pantheon, Odin - He is a god of war, victory and death, but he is also a god of wisdom, Shamanism, prophesy and poetry. Cast in high quality designer cold-cast resin , this majestic sculpture looms 14 inches tall. Hand painted in striking colour and detail, Odin stands upon a ground littered with bones; clad in full armour, he gazes through a single eye, as if stepping beyond time and peering into the great Ragnarök end of days. With war axe in his right hand and horned helm in his left, Odin will protect all in his final battle against evil. This legend is waiting to bring the power and mystique of Viking Lore into any home, office, or decor. The base is felted to protect any display area upon which Odin stands guard.


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Height: 14"
Width: 7-1/4"
Depth: 74"
Material: Cold Cast Resin
Hand Painted in Striking Detail
Weight: 3 lb 9.8 oz
Felt Lined Base

specifications are approximate

Odin is Lord of War and Death, but also Lord of Knowledge. It is said that Odin once journeyed to the very roots of Yggdrasil to seek the Well of Wisdom. There he made a deal with Mimir the Wise. In exchange for one of Odins eyes, Mimir granted him a sip from his well. Now with only one eye, Odin sees more than any god or mortal. Able to focus on those events both distant and those yet to pass. Every night Odin retires to Valhalla to feast with the souls of brave fallen warriors so that they might fight with him in the final battle against evil. Odin knows what awaits for him in that battle. It is his own death at the jaws of the great Wolf Fenrir.
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