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CELTIC WOODEN BOX w/HIDDEN LATCHNobleWares Image of Celtic Wooden Box with Hidden Latch NW2111 NW2111
This black wooden trinket box is the perfect place to safeguard all of your treasures! Only you will know how to get to your treasures that are stored inside. Features a hidden latching mechanism that allows access only when the hidden panel is slid to the side. The box bears a large faux-jeweled Celtic medallion on top of box bearing a Celtic cross of knot design & small Celtic trefoil knots in each corner. The lid is hinged and the box is finished in a pleasant satin black. Measures approximately 5 ¾" x 3 ¾" x 2 ½" overall


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Overall Length: 5 ¾"
Width: 3 ¾"
Height: 2 1/2"
Box Material: Wood
Emblem Material: Poly-Resin
Weight: 9.8 oz

   measurements are approximate


Celtic Art is often found on relics of the past, including the intricate celtic art of the Newgrange burial chambers and the extraordinary detail of the artistry within the Book of Kells, all of which often inspire artists of today. Celtic art was given to us by a race known as the Celts who first appeared in Europe around the 5th century BC. They were a ferocious and warlike people who were very industrious and who were amongst the first to master agriculture. They mastered other crafts such as weaving and metalwork and it is here the first examples or celtic art appeared. Today's craftsmen trawl through such rich heritage to uncover these unique designs to give us today's collections of Celtic Jewelry, art and accessories.

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