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List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $42.90


THOR MJOLNIRNobleWares Image of Thor Mjolnir 9513 Thor's Hammer Statue by Pacific Giftware 9513 PACIFIC GIFTWARE
Thor is a well-known god from Norse mythology. He is the son of Odin and is associated with thunder, storms, and strength. He is also well-known as the wielder of the hammer, Mjölnir. This large hammer is made of quality cold-cast bronze, and is hand painted with amazing detail. In this sculpture, Mjolnir is a short-shafted war hammer with a spiked pommel and a decorated large decorated head that features knotwork designs, a golden ouroboros encricling knotworks while eating his own tail, wings, and cross pattée. It sits atop a square base pedestal that is carved to read Thor and Mjolnir. Of course, you cannot lift it off the base or wield it, but that just keeps it within the realm of accurate Norse mythology; as only Thor could wield this weapon. The underside of the Thor Mjolnir is felt lined to protect any surface upon which this hefty god hammer is displayed.


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Height: 10-1/4"
Length: 5"
Width: 3-1/4:
Material: Cold Cast Bronze
Felted Base
Shipping Weight: 2.9 lb

measurements are approximate


We pay tribute to Odin in battle, but it is Thor, son of Odin, most look to for strength every day. He is god of Thunder and Lightening, idol of craftsman, and fighter of Evil. He is revered far and wide. Legend tells of Thor's battles with the Jörmungandr the world serpent. Thor came to close to the great serpent once, and caused a battle that made seas boil and oceans crash. There is also Loki the trickster god some call him. It is he who will bring about the end of the world; Ragnarök. When Ragnarök arrives, Loki will pit the giants against the Lords of Asgard. Odin will fall to the wolf Fenrir, Thor will fall to the serpent Jörmungandr; evil will prevail and the world will end to start anew. This is the fate Odin has foreseen and neither God nor man can escape it..

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