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List Price: $60.00
Our Price: $58.90

*Mail Coif Only- Helm, Mail Shirt,
Weapons & Mustache not included

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CHAINMAIL COIF - Zinc Plate Butted ConstructionNobleWares Image of Zinc Plated Chainmail Coif AB2562 by GDFB AB2562 GDFB
Chain mail armor was one of the first armors developed in the Viking era. A well-made chain mail could spell life and a weak chain mail, its end. These mail's round links are "butted" and are consistent in size, and the weave is a "European 4 in 1" pattern (developed and used in Europe the weave is called "4 in 1" because every one ring is attached to 4 other rings). This very affordable 16-gauge chainmail coif features a square face design and is rust resistant zinc plated. A great buy that is sure to keep your head and your pocketbook both intact.. Great chainmail armour for film & theatre, costume, LARP and reenactment events that do not require heavy steel weapons contact. One size fits most.


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Construction: Butted
Ring Type: Round Wire
Material: 16ga. mild steel

Finish: Zinc Plated
Ring Internal Diameter: 8mm

Chain mail is made by creating a weave of multiple interlocking ringlets of iron or steel that, as a whole, are stronger than simply the sum of it parts.

Medieval Chainmail Hauberk Shirt BK1374 by Legends In Steel
Zinc Plated Round Butted Rings 4 in 1 Pattern

Butted Mail
This is the most economical construction style of mail, as the cost of labor-intensive riveting is avoided. Butted mail has limited historical precedent but is fine for general costuming, film, theater and role-playing where strict construction authenticity is not a requirement. It is not recommended for weapons-contact re-enactment. Butted mail is available in mild steel and high-tensile steel. High-tensile steel has the most resistance to opening of the rings, while mild steel offers a fair amount of protection, yet its butted rings may be distorted by heavy weapons contact. All rings are formed from round section wire and are 8mm internal diameter. Construction is in the 4 in 1 pattern.

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