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VIKING WOODEN HORSE SHIELDNobleWares Image of Viking Wooden Shield AH4370 by Deepeeka AH4370 DEEPEEKA
The Viking Wooden Shield made by Deepeeka is an accurate replica based off historical research and is authentic in its design. This incredible shield traces back to the end of 8th to mid 11th century, known as the Viking Age. War was the most prestigious activity, and the viking weapons would display a warrior's wealth and status. This authentically styled Viking Round Shield is decorated with a mirrored warrior horses with ears turned up and fearsome teeth exposed. It is of dual-toned wood construction and its outer rim is ringed with a metal brace. It features a burnished black boss adorned with four Y-shaped etched plates. The shield is fully functional, and measures 36 inches in diameter.


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Diameter: 36''
Material: Wood Construction
Ringed with a Metal Brace

Weight: 11 lbs

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.


Horses were symbols of power and were highly respected by the Vikings. Typical Viking shield in Gokstad style; Vikings often reinforced their shields with leather or, occasionally, iron around the rim. Round shields seem to have varied in size from around 18" - 48" (45 – 120 cm) in diameter but the smaller and more manageable 30" - 36" (75 – 90 cm) is by far the most common. The smaller shield sizes came from the pagan period for the Saxons. The late-9th-century skaldic poem, Ragnarsdrapa, describes some shields painted with mythological scenes.
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CELTIC/VIKING Armour: Page 1 2 3 4 5backNext Item
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