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VIKING WOODEN WOLF SHIELDNobleWares Image of Functional Viking Wooden Wolf Hati and Skoll Shield AH3993 by Deepeeka AH3993 DEEPEEKA
The Viking Wooden Wolf Shield made by Deepeeka is an accurate replica based off historical research and authentic in its design. This authentically styled Viking Round Shield is decorated to reflect elements of Viking mythology. Hand painted upon a blue field, mythological Viking wolves Hati and Skoll are painted in green and are chasing the sun and moon as the story is told. In the legend it is said that when they catch them the final battle of Ragnarok begins. This shield is of plywood construction and its outer rim is ringed with a metal brace. It features a polished steel boss. The shield is fully functional, and measures 37 inches in diameter.


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Diameter: 37''
Material: Plywood Construction
Ringed with a Metal Brace

Polished Steel Boss
Weight: 15 lbs

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.


Skoll (pronounced roughly “SKOHL”; Old Norse Sköll, “One Who Mocks”) and Hati (pronounced “HAHT-ee”; Old Norse Hati, “One Who Hates”) are two wolves who are only mentioned in passing references that have to do with their pursuing Sol and Mani, the sun and moon, through the sky in hopes of devouring them. At Ragnarok, the downfall of the cosmos, they catch their prey as the sky and earth darken and collapse.The noun used for Skoll’s prey, goði (“priest”), is masculine, and the noun used for Hati’s prey, brúðr (“bride”) is feminine. Since Mani (the moon) is male, and Sol (the sun) is female, the wording of this stanza strongly suggests that Skoll hunts the moon and Hati the sun.
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