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Sold Out

Cast Metal Alloy
Carved Wood Horns
Antiqued Patina Finish

Includes a FREE wood
block Helmet Stand

(while supply lasts)


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HORNED VIKING HELMETNobleWares Image of Horned Viking Helmet 254 by Denix of Spain 254 DENIX
This Horned Viking Helmet is a basic ''skull cap'' design with top spike and features sleeves that support carved wooden horns mounted to each side of the helm. Full size and wearable, the cap measures 8-1/8 from front to back, 7 inches wide, and the interior is unlined. Denix helmets are cast rather than forged, and made of a metal casting alloy making the continuous care and maintenance for which their steel counterparts are known, virtually obsolete. Features a beautiful aged patina finish. These helms are great options for decorating or costuming but are not considered safe or suitable for combat where heavy impacts could be sustained.


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Overall Height: (base to horn tip) 9''
Overall Width: (horn to horn) 12"
Cap Internal: (front to back) 8-1/2"
Cap Internal: (side to side) 7"
Circumference: 24''
Height Base to Spike Tip: 7-3/4"
Weight: 4 lb 2.4 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Weapons were very much a part of everyday life in the Viking age. Virtually every free man owned and carried a weapon and was familiar with its use. The right to carry and use weapons was one of the traditional fundamental rights of free men in Viking society. Because iron was difficult to make during the Viking era, it was expensive. As a result, helmets were expensive and thus not common. Anyone who could afford one would certainly want one, but not too many people could afford one. Helmets were prized and carefully preserved, repaired as needed, and passed from generation to generation. Some may well have been used for centuries before the iron became too thin and weak to provide any real protection.
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