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List Price: $404.00
Our Price: $372.90

16 Gauge Antiqued Steel
Accurately Detailed
Full Leather Liner & Straps

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SUTTON HOO HELMETNobleWares Image of Battle Ready Viking Gjermundbu Helmet AH6739 by Deepeeka AH3802N DEEPEEKA
Deepeeka has reconstructed a most famous helm found at the burial site at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge, Suffolk England. The Sutton Hoo Helm was located at the grave of an Anglo-Saxon king. This intricately decorated replica features embossed panels depicting Viking warriors with weapons drawn, knotwork serpents, and shielded horseman riding over a fallen soldier. The helm is of 16 gauge steel and conists of full face guard, hinged cheek guards, neck guard, and is topped with a serpentine crest that rises from the nasal and brow to the back of the skull cap. A beautiful golden dual-serpent brow lined with ruby like jewels. The helm interior is fully lined in rust brown leather and includes complete adjustible leather suspension with buckle equipped chin straps for a secure, and comfortable fit. This fully functional Sutton Hoo Helm comes complete with stand (colour of stand may vary) making a beautiful display when not in use on the battle field. Deepeeka is world renown for their skills and dedication to building fine historic weapons and researched authentic functional armour replicas.


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Front to Back: 9-1/4''
Side to Side: 7-1/2"
Circumference: 24-3/4''

Weight: 6 lb 2 oz
Gauge Steel: 16

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.
For more information on how to assess the size you require please see our Helmet Sizing Guide


The burial at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge, Suffolk England is the site of an early grave of an Anglo-Saxon king. It is believe to belong to the East Anglian King Raedwald who died around AD 624. The burial contained a ship fully equipped for the afterlife as well as expensive and ornate armor and weaponry. The artifacts were often decorated with precious metals and stones. Included was a heavily decorated helmet. It has been suggested that the helm was aged somewhat when buried and may even date to the first part of the 6th century.
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