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List Price: $359.00

Our Price: $285.90

BATTLE READY: Hand forged from tough high-carbon steel by the finest craftsmen, this sword is built for use.

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CELTIC WARRIOR SWORDImage of Battle Ready Celtic Warrior Sword SH2370 by CAS Hanwei SH2370 HANWEI
This truly inspiring sword comes to us from the age of heroes. This sword is a functional and battle-ready version of an anthropomorphic style Celtic sword. There are many versions of this style available on the internet, but unlike most of them, this one is a battle-ready quality sword. Hand hammer forged in 1566 high carbon steel, this fearsome piece is full tang and made for combat. This battle ready sword has an overall length of 29.5 inches. The 23 inch double edged leaf style blade comes factory pre-sharpened and can be finely re-sharpened as needed. The guard and pommel are crafted in brass and are joined with a solid turned wood handle. (Leather Scabbard Included) From the beautiful exotic hardwood macassar ebony handle to the expertly tempered carbon steel blade, this sword is much more than just a wall hanger!

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Overall length: 29-1/2"
Blade length: 23"
Grip Length: 4"

Blade width at guard :1.7"(44 mm)
Edge: Sharp double edged
Blade Material: 1566
Blade thickness: 6.1mm-4.9mm

Point of Balance: 4" below guard
Hilt: Brass pommel & Guard

Sword Weight: 3 lbs 10 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view of Battle Ready Celtic Warrior Sword SH2370 by CAS Hanwei

The Celts tore through the countryside and several battalions of Roman soldiers to lay siege to the Capitol of the Roman Empire. Seven months of siege led to negotiations whereby the Celts promised to leave their siege for a tribute of one thousand pounds of gold, which the historian Pliny tells was very difficult for the entire city to muster. When the gold was being weighed, the Romans claimed the Celts were cheating with faulty weights. It was then that the Celts' leader, Brennus, threw his sword into the balance and and uttered the words vae victis "woe to the Defeated". Rome never withstood another more humiliating defeat and the Celts made an initial step of magnificent proportions into history.

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CELTIC/VIKING Swords: Page 1 2 3 4 5backnext Item
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