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List Price: $229.00

Our Price: $189.90

Features a blunt edge and rounded
blade point; perfect for re-enactor and stage combat sword wielder.

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PRACTICAL NORMAN SWORDImage of SH2326 Practical Norman Sword and scabbard by CAS Hanwei SH2326 CAS HANWEI
An important addition to our European stage combat and re-enactor's offerings is the Practical Norman sword by Cas Hanwei. Based on a classic 11th century pattern popular during the Norman Invasion of Britain, the 1566 high-carbon blade by Hanwei is light and well-balanced, and features deep full-length fullers. The SH2326 practical Norman Sword blade is designed with wide edges and a rounded point for safety required by the re-enactment community and stage combat wielder. The guard is wider than that of the earlier Viking designs that preceded this pattern and the solid steel pommel is of the "tea-cosy" type. The grip is grooved and leather-wrapped. Includes a wood look scabbard with steel accents and hanging rings. The scabbard is fabricated in glass-filled resin, to eliminate swelling and to minimize blade corrosion problems, with belt rings that adjust to allow vertical or horizontal carry. The scabbard's wood-grain finish is attractive, but most re-enactors will decorate the scabbard to match their persona.
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Overall length: 36"
Blade length: 30"
Grip Length: 4"

Weight: 2 lb 6.4 oz
Edge: Blunt
Point of Balance: 5-7/8"
Blade Steel: 1566 high-carbon steel
Blade Width: 1-37/64"
Thickness: 6.7mm - 3.8mm

Point of Balance: 5-7/8" below guard
Pommel: Peened
Scabbard: Glass-filled Resin

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view of SH2326 Practical Norman Sword and scabbard by CAS Hanwei

The Battle of Hastings (1066) saw William of Normandy (c.1028—1087) unleash the devastating power of his heavily armoured knights for the first time on British soil. During many hours of hard fighting, King Harold II (c. 1022—1066) and his fellow Anglo-Saxon defenders were constantly harried by repeated Norman cavalry charges. This type of mounted and mobile warfare was unknown to the Anglo-Saxons, who were predominantly foot soldiers, and it was only their fortunate selection of superior and defensible terrain prior to the battle that stopped them from being immediately overwhelmed. A double-edged, razor-sharp broadsword was the main battle weapon of the Norman knight of the medieval period. It was ideal for swinging at speed and downward slashing. It would be used one-handed and in conjunction with a large, kite-shaped shield.

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