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List Price: $469.95
Our Price: $349.90

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VIKING SWORDNobleWares Image of 88VS Battle Ready Viking Sword and scabbard by Cold Steel 88VS COLD STEEL
A typical Viking sword of the 9th and 10th centuries was simple in appearance, utilitarian in design, and brutally effective. The basic design featured a long, wide blade with a broad central fuller and two keen edges. This top quality replica embodies all of these traits. Measuring 36 7/8" overall, this sword would feel right at home in the grip of rampaging Norseman! The 30 1/4" double-edged 1055 carbon steel blade is hand forged and polished to a brilliant luster. The hilt features a wooden handle covered in leather, with a guard and 5 lobed pommel accented by traditional Celtic knot artwork. This sword includes a wood scabbard covered in black leather and reinforced with a highly polished steel chape and throat.
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Overall length: 36-7/8"
Blade length: 30-1/4"
Grip Length: 4-5/8"

Weight: 2 lb 9 oz
Edge: Very Sharp
Point of Balance: 6"
Blade Steel: 1055 high-carbon steel
Blade Width: 42.8 mm
BladeThickness: 5.5 mm - 4.1 mm

Pommel: Nut
Scabbard: Wood w/black leather

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view of 88VS Battle Ready Viking Sword and scabbard by Cold Steel

VIKING WARRIORS The Vikings are known as great warriors. This reputation is based on what we know about their weapons and battle tactics. The Viking Age that began so fearsomely in the 800’s tapered off in the 12th century much to the relief of many Europeans. The Vikings were Nordic people -- Danes, Swedes and Norwegians -- who sometimes sailed out of Scandinavia in hundreds of longboats to loot and pillage coastal cities. Laws of the late Viking period show that all free men were expected to own weapons. The main offensive weapons were the sword, spear and battle-axe, although bows and arrows and other missiles were also used. Weapons were carried not just for battle, but also as symbols of their owners' status and wealth.

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