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FIVE LOBE VIKING SWORDNobleWares Image of Five Lobe Viking Sword & Scabbard AH6968FD by Deepeeka AH6968FD DEEPEEKA
This Deepeeka 5-lobe Viking Sword is specifically designed for the abuses sustained in combat fighting and combat reenactments, this rugged Viking sword features a high-carbon steel blade with full length tang and deep fuller. The extra strong blade comes factory blunt to allow for safety in environments where blades will be hit edge to edge and make contact with hard steel armors and soft fleshy opponents. The tang is peened securely over the top of the pommel for greater strength and durability needed for hard contact. The hilt fittings are of steel and the pommel has a decorative twisted metal wire inlaid into its form. The grip is tightly wrapped in brown leather cord creating both striking functionality and visual appeal. It comes with a deluxe wood-core scabbard covered in dark brown leather and affixed with a wooden suspension loop held in place with braided black leather straps.
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Overall length: 37-5/8"
Blade length: 31-1/8"
Grip Length: 4-3/8"

Weight: 2 lb 15 oz
Edge: Blunt
Point of Balance: 7-3/8"
Blade Steel: EN45 high-carbon steel
Thickness: 4.8 mm - 3.9 mm

Width: 45.3 mm
Pommel: Peened

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view of Norwegian Viking Sword & Scabbard AH6968R by Deepeeka

Viking Swords - Buried Historical Treasures
Very few weapons of Viking origin have survived till our days. This is not because of low quality of the weapons as some tend to believe. The reality is that Vikings used to bury their weapons (swords, helmets and armor) in the ground when the warriors died. Thus, many of the artifacts survived either in bad conditions or didn't survive at all. Some experts affirm that there are only about 1000 artifacts of Viking origin which survived; all of them are spread in major museums around the world. Most of the discovered Viking swords were simply designed. They were equipped with a typical double edged blades and strong handles. They were designed to be wielded single-handed to keep one hand free for a shield. Typically, blades ranged from 24 to 36 inches long, but often reached from 27.50 to 31.50 inches.

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CELTIC/VIKING Swords: Page 1 2 3 4 5backnext Item
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