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List Price: $119.00
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CELTIC BEARDED AXENobleWares Image of Celtic Bearded Axe XD628G by Denix of Spain XD628G DENIX OF SPAIN
The decorative Celtic Bearded Axe is a classic Viking design richly decorated with etched Celtic knot work. The unsharpened axe head is cast metal and safe while affixed to a hardwood shaft. This decorator axe features a 12 inch zinc blade engraved with celtic knot work patterns. The axe features a solid hardwood handle, measures approximately 33 inches in length, weighs over 4 pounds and requires two hands for wielding. This item is safe edged and cannot be sharpened. Replicas of historic weapons by Denix are for display and decoration only. Due to the visual realism that these items possess, they are also extremely suitable for film and theatrical purposes and/or visual props and costuming, although mock combat is not in their repetoire.


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Length Overall: 33''
Blade Edge: 12"
Blade Width: 9-14"
Blade Material: Zinc Alloy
Edge: Blunt
Weight: 4 lb 14oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Below are recommended accessories for displaying your Denix Bearded Axe:
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Among other weapons like the sword and seax, the warriors of the Viking Age used different types and sizes of axes. The bearded axe in particular was a popular style. This weapon, named because the lower part of the head is flat instead of pointed, was a particularly devastating style due to fact that the broad, thin edge was backed by a thick body for resiliency. Such a weapon could strike hard against a man in armour, or compromise a shield with its sheer force. Such weapons were often two-handed, like their wood-axe cousins, for control and power. Much like any other weapon of the time, the ornamentation of the axe illustrated the status of its bearer. Ewart Oakeshott wrote of how Vikings named their axes with colorful monikers such as "Fiend of the Shield" or "Battle Witch", showing that these warriors held a certain amount of reverence for these arms. Interestingly, the terms "fiend" and "witch" seem to be held exclusively for axe names, whereas swords and spears held separate adjectives for their names.
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