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XH1074 CAS Hanwei
List Price: $249.00
Our Price: $199.99


The legendary double axe has long been associated with heroes and heroics, and the Hero’s Axe perpetuates the legend. Almost 30” overall with 10” polished edges, fearsome but with graceful lines and brass studded decoration, this axe is the ultimate combination of form and function. Very sharp, this axe includes leather edge covers for the tempered edges are provided for safe portability. This fully functional Double Battle-Axe features a hand forged blackened steel head with polished edges. The solid hardwood shaft measures 26-1/2 inches in length accommodating the steel head and is secured with steel pins. The shaft features a brass studded grip and blackened steel lanyard endcap. This weapon is fearsome, but it’s polished finish and studded decoration project an image of grace and beauty.


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Length Overall: 30''
Length Shaft: 26-1/2''
Blade Edges: 10" Sharpened
Thickness: .240"
Carbon Steel w/ Antiqued Finish
Edge: Sharp
Weight: 4 lb 14oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Below are recommended accessories for carrying maintaining, and displaying your Viking Hero's Axe:
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The warriors of the Viking Age used different types and sizes of axes. Axes during this time were commonly used in hand-to-hand combat; smaller axes with shorter shafts were sometimes even thrown during an attack. The manner in which axes were used was largely dictated by the circumstances of the battle and the size of the axe. Most two-handed axes, were particularly devastating due to fact that their broad, thin edge was backed by a thick body for resiliency. This particular double-headed Hero's axe was the axe wielded by Tyrion Lannister at the Battle of the Blackwater in HBO’s Game of Thrones. A suitable axe for chopping down tall men as if they were trees.
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