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XH1078 CAS Hanwei
List Price: $239.00
Our Price: $189.90


VIKING LUGGED WAR SPEARNobleWares Image of Viking Lugged Spear XH1078 by CAS Hanwei XH1078 CAS Hanwei
The spear was long enough that warriors behind the first rank in the shield wall could thrust their spears out from behind their comrades, lending their weight into the combat. Alternatively, they could also throw the spear to deadly effect. The 13th century Norwegian battle manual, the Konungs skuggsjá (Kings Mirror) states that a single spear in the battle line is more effective than two swords. This Hanwei Lugged Viking Spear has a long steel spear head mounted onto a long wooden shaft and capped with a blunt, tapered, steel cap. The 20-3/4" spear head is unsharpened and authentic in design. Measuring 6’ 8” overall in length, with a 1" diameter shaft, the Paul Chen War Spear (XH1078) has a distinct Viking ancestry and Frankish styling. The lugged head and spike are forged in 1566 steel, providing the ultimate in pillaging pieces.


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Length Overall: 6' 8''
Blade Length: 15-1/2''

Spear Head Length: 21-3/4"
Thickness at guard: .530"

Blade Edge: blunt
Length Shaft: 65''
Diameter Shaft: 1''
Blade/Spike Steel: 1566 forged steel
Spike point: blunt

Weight: 4 lb 4.6 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view of Viking Lugged Spear XH1078 by CAS Hanwei
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