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VIKING TWO-HANDED AXENobleWares Image of Viking Two-Handed Axe 89VA by Cold Steel 89VA COLD STEEL
Cold Steel has been a long time believer in the ferocious cutting power of a well-designed Viking Axe. Their Viking Axe's formidably long, thin blade is fully polished and hand sharpened to a bone-splitting, shield shattering edge. It comes with a robust 10" cutting surface that terminates in two sharp horns or points. Traditionally, the longer top point was used for stabbing, gouging, or parrying, while the slightly shorter bottom point was used to capture an opponent's shield or to hook and immobilize his neck, arms, or legs. To maximize leverage, strength, and dexterity of movement, the Viking Axe is equipped with a very strong, resilient haft. Made in Maine from the best hickory available, it enhances and amplifies our Viking Axe's lethal potential as a cutting, chopping and stabbing weapon. This axe comes unassembled, and needs to be carefully mounted onto the shaft and screwed into place with precision. Shaft, screws and assembly instructions included.


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Length Overall: 52''
Head Length: 9-5/8''
Blade Edge: 10-1/3''

Handle: Solid American Hickory
Material: 5160 High Carbon Steel

Blade Edge: Sharp

Weight: 4 lb 10 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

full view of Viking Two-Handed Axe 89VA by Cold Steel
The warriors of the Viking Age used different types and sizes of axes. Axes during this time were commonly used in hand-to-hand combat; smaller axes with shorter shafts were sometimes even thrown during an attack. The manner in which axes were used was largely dictated by the circumstances of the battle and the size of the axe. Such a weapon could strike hard against a man in armour, or compromise a shield with its sheer force.
While two-handed axes wielded by Vikings have a well-deserved reputation for brute ferocity, in the hands of a cunning Viking the large axe could be a surprisingly resourceful weapon. The wide blade forms a useful hook-shaped tool – A tricky Viking could bring his axe behind the ankle of an opponent to sweep him off his feet or the blade could be used to hook the edge of a shield to pull it from a foe’s grip. In the Sturlu saga, one Viking even uses his axe to hook behind the neck of his foe and then drag him to the ground. There is even evidence in one of the sagas of Vikings using their axes to hook onto the short wooden walls of a fort, and then haul themselves up and over with their axe handles!
Below are recommended accessories for maintaining & displaying your 89VA Viking Axe:
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