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List Price: $130.00
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MAMMEN ETCHED VIKING AXENobleWares Image of Mammen Etched Viking Axe AH3542 by Deepeeka AH3542 DEEPEEKA
Heavily embellished axes have been found, adorned with all the swirling, knotted motifs befitting the Norse and some are even inlaid with precious metals. Evidence seems to suggest that these axes were limited to being ceremonial items. This Viking Axe by Deepeeka features etched designs on both sides reminiscent of the find excavated from a famous 10th century barrow near Mammen Denmark. The axe head is crafted of high carbon steel and is riveted to a thick, stained wooden haft. The blade comes factory dull to allow for personal sharpening preferences depending on intended usage. The axe head is 11 mm thick close to the haft and tapers to 6mm closer to the edge. This is a big axe with a burly, blunted steel head and solid wood haft ready for battle!


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Length Overall: 47-1/2"
Head Length: 11-1/4"
Head Thickness: 11mm-6mm
Blade Edge: 8-3/8"

Steel: High Carbon Steel
Handle: 47-1/2"
Blade Edge: Dull

Weight: 7 lb 11.2 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.


full view of Viking Two-Handed Axe 89VA by Cold Steel
The large axes favored by Vikings are a brutal weapon, but in the hands of the skilled they are surprisingly agile and resourceful weapons. The wide blade often forms a crook-like ‘’beard’’ that offers many uses for a cunning Viking; he can use that hook to catch the rim of a shield to pull it away or sweep behind his foe and catch his leg, throwing him off balance. In the Sturlu saga, one Viking even uses his axe to hook behind the neck of his foe and then drag him to the ground! There is even evidence in one of the sagas of Vikings using their axes to hook onto the short wooden walls of a fort, and then haul themselves up and over with their axe handles!  
Below are recommended accessories for maintaining & displaying your 89VA Viking Axe:
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