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Civil War Gettysburg Deluxe replica M1860 Army percussion pistol manufactured by Denix27-110 DENIX
Our Price: $174.99

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DELUXE Gettysburg Boxed Set
Set features full-size, non-firing, M1860 army percussion revolver, historic engraving depicting Civil War Battle scene, cavalry insignia & hatpin.
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KEY FEATURES which include a Non-fireable design, functional lock mechanism, and accurate detailing
make this decorative replica a valued piece of Civil War firearms history.

Overall Length:
Barrel Length: 7-1/4 "
Weight: 2 lb. 2 oz.

These deluxe non-firing models have been faithfully reproduced in weight, feel and handling characteristic of the rare and expensive originals. This perfect gift set comes assembled, ready for display in your home or office.
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These classic model guns are made of zinc with polished wood stocks. They cannot withstand excessive misuse or dry-firing and cannot be disassembled.


Colt Cap 'n Ball Revolver

Civil War Gettysburg Deluxe replica M1860 Army percussion pistol manufactured by Denix

Collection is nestled into a custom foam mold with velvet-like finish inside a handmade presentation box measuring 14.5" x 7.25" x 2.5. Introduced in 1850 and made through 1873, the total production of this revolver was about 255,000 pieces. The cap-and-ball revolver fired six 36 caliber balls, and a loading mechanism was incorporated into the design. This non-firing replica has the handling characteristics of the original, with functional lock and loading mechanisms. An exact copy of the early Colt revolver used by both armies of the America Civil War.

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This beautiful boxed set includes a full-size, non-firing, M1860 army percussion revolver inserted into a custom foam mold with velvet-like finish. An engraving depicts General Pickett's Confederate troops battling Union troops. Comes with replica brass cavalry insignia & simulated silver and gold tone Union hatpin. Wood box measures 14.5" x 7.25" x 2.5".
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