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Billy the Kid and the Peacemaker boxed collector's set27-303 DENIX
Our Price: $138.95

"Billy the Kid" Framed Set
Set features full-size, non-firing replica M1873 Peacemaker pistol, reproduction "Wanted" poster, mounted in a barnwood frame.

KEY FEATURES which include a Non-fireable design, functional lock mechanism, and accurate detailing
make this decorative replica a valued piece of American folk history.

Overall Length:
Barrel Length: 4-3/4 "
Weight: 2 lb. 2 oz.

Collection is set in a 17.5 X 14.5 Barnwood presentation frame.

These deluxe non-firing models have been faithfully reproduced in weight, feel and handling characteristic of the rare and expensive originals. This perfect gift set comes assembled, ready for display in your home or office.

These classic model guns are made of zinc with polished wood stocks. They cannot withstand excessive misuse or dry-firing and cannot be disassembled.

Billy the Kid Box Set

Historic Boxed Pistol Sets - Wanted Billy the Kid

Relive the Wild West when notorious outlaws like William H. Bonney terrorized the Old West. Set features a USA M1873 Peacemaker pistol designed by Samuel Colt with antique gunmetal finish. Calibre .45 single action revolver with 4.3/4" barrel. Action works! Spin the cylinders, cock the hammer and pull the trigger. Complete with wood grips.

This beautiful 17.5 X 14.5 barnwood frame set includes a reproduction "Wanted" poster offering a $500.00 reward "dead or alive" tacked to the frame. Weight: 5 Lbs.

"For all of the murders and countless other offenses committed during the Lincoln County War on both sides, Billy the Kid was the only person ever charged with breaking the law. An incredibly unjust thing, especially considering he was just one of six gunmen in the shooting for which he was charged. This made him a fugitive and the leader of a small gang of rustlers that terrorized the county until he was caught in December of 1880. Billy was tried and sentenced to hang.

On the afternoon of April 28, 1881 he catapulted himself into international legend when he escaped from jail. During the jailbreak, he killed a guard that had taunted him constantly about the pains of death by hanging and had dared Billy to try to breakout so he could shoot him. As a testament to how well liked he was in Lincoln, he stayed around for an hour making a speech to the locals and then went around shaking hands. He left town singing on a borrowed horse that he actually returned as he promised he would. "

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