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A unique gift idea and sparkling piece of Nautical History.

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Our miniature metal war ship replicates the CSA VIRGINIA and details down to oak and pine clad hull to her 10 Dahlgren cannons and iron clad casemate. This is a very unique gift idea and sparkling piece of Nautical History. A must-have for every Civil War or Maritime enthusiast who sets his eyes upon this spectacular display. Measures an impressive 24 " in length .

The CSS Virginia was an ironclad warship of the Confederate States Navy during the American Civil War (built using the remains of the scuttled USS Merrimack). It had an iron deck and casement, four inches (102 mm) thick. It mounted ten cannons, one in front and rear and four on each side. Further, the designers of the Virginia had heard of plans by the North to build an ironclad. Figuring that cannons would be unable to harm such a ship, and to conserve gunpowder, they equipped the Virginia with a 1,500-pound iron ram affixed to her bow, enabling her to crush the hulls of opposing ships.—the first ship so-equipped in over a thousand years.

She was one of the participants in the Battle of Hampton Roads in March, 1862 opposite the USS Monitor. The battle is chiefly significant in naval history as the first battle between two powered ironclad warships, which came to be known as ironclads. Prior to then, nearly all warships were made primarily of wood. Afterwards, the design of ships and the nature of naval warfare changed dramatically.

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