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UNION & CONFEDERATE CIVIL WAR PAPER MONEY SETNobleWares Image of Civil War Money replica DX99 by Denix of Spain
During the U.S. Civil War, many states and even towns printed their own currency. This collection includes 18 total replica paper bills from Union & Confederate states and towns. The wide diversity of notes in these replica currency sets show the amazing range of paper money from sometimes competing sources that circulated at the same time. Authentic reproduction of original Confederate and Union paper money has been copied from originals currently in museums and collections, so the authenticity is as genuine as can be reproduced. Printed on one side only for display purposes.
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18 total bills in all
Authentic CSA & USA Reproductions
Made by Denix of Spain
Weight: 0.1 lbs
Great for civil war collectors
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By the time of the Civil War there was still no “Governmental Currency”. The states, at this time, were trying to “Emit Bills of Credit” (i.e. paper money) through the State Banks. But the Supreme Court ruled that this was a “Governmental Currency”, because the states had a corporate structure with the banks and was therefore unconstitutional. During the time of the War Between the States, there were thousands of banks, both North and South, that were authorized to issue their own currency. Even some local stores issued proprietary bank notes during the period. Depending on a local population's opinion of a particular bank's solvency, one might find currency from his town rejected somewhere else.
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CIVIL WAR MISC: Page 1 2 3backNext Civil War collectible