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Civil War 3ft x 5ft Cotton

List Price - $42.90
Sale Price: $33.90


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CIVIL WAR UNION CAVALRY GUIDON FLAGNobleWares Image of Union Cavalry Civil War 3'x5' Cotton Guidon Flag HCG35C HCG35C
A guidon is a small flag carried by a military unit as a unit marker. The swallowtail ends allow the tails to stand straight out while on the move, and make it easily seen by the men in the unit. In 1862, the Union Army issued General Order 4 calling for guidons to incorporate stars and stripes. This Union Cavalry Guidon features the circular pattern, by far the most common with the stars painted in gold due to the tendency of silver paint to fade and tarnish over time. It usually would be "customized" by placing a troop letter or other designator inside the circle of golden stars.
This HIGHEST QUALITY SEWN COTTON flag has sewn stripes, embroidered stars and brass grommets. Constructed of 100% densely woven cotton with rich vibrant colors, this Cavalry Guidon features a strong canvas header and makes a most attractive flag for indoor display.
This flag measures 3'x5' and has sewn or appliqued stripes and/or fields. Not recommended for extended outdoor use.

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100% densely woven cotton
Rich, vibrant colors
3' x 5'
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5/8" Brass Grommets
Sewn and appliqued Stars and Stripes

Historically Accurate Replica
This is the regulation cavalry guidon that was carried by mounted Union troops in the Civil War. The U.S. Cavalry later used guidons in the Plains Indian Wars. In fact, the cavalry was the last of the three branches of service of the U.S. Army to carry the Stars and Stripes into battle. This was also one of the three flags that Colonel George A. Custer and the Seventh Cavalry carried at the Battle of Little Big Horn

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In this In4 video segment, Historian Greg Biggs explains the various types of flags used by both sides during the Civil War. This video is part of the Civil War Trust's In4 video series, which presents short videos on basic Civil War topics. To learn more visit
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