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Price: $
139.90 (backorder)

Pistol Overall: 14"
Barrel Length: 7 3/4"
Pistol Weight: 2 lbs 8 oz

Insignia: US Cap Pin
Hangers: Brass Bullets
Frame Size : 18"x7"

Engraving Image: "BATTLE OF FIRST MANASSAS..."

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Deluxe civil war union collectors set. The 18"x 7" Pine Wood Frame features a beautiful replica 1860 Army revolver designed and manufactured by Samuel Colt. The originals were was used by Union troops throughout the war between the states. Pistol is mounted on our spring load bullet hangers. Displayed with pistol are a replica engraving of Union troops at the Battle of First Manassas, a U.S. cap pin and brass identification plaque. Frame size 18" x 7" .
This legendary cap and ball revolver is full size (14") and weighs a hefty 2 lbs. 8 oz. The loading lever, hammer, trigger and cylinder action work like the rare expensive original. Manufactured with real wood grips, gun metal gray finish.
Pistol Overall: 14 "
Barrel Length: 7 3/4"
Pistol Weight: 2 lbs 8oz
Hangers: Brass Bullets
Insignia: US Union Cap Pin
Frame Size :
A beautiful addition to your collection, these historic collector Replica Non-Firing Guns are made of antique finished zinc cast metal and polished European hardwood. The barrels are of heavy cast metal and in most cases the screw heads are molded into the metal and cannot be removed. These collector models cannot withstand misuse or excessive dry-firing. Cannot be made to fire real ammunition. Your collector replica model flintlock comes pre-assembled and ready for display in your home or office.

Colt / Griswold and Gunnison Revolvers

The Colt Army Model 1860 .44 caliber was a streamlined version of the 1848 dragoon and weighed two pounds 11 ounces, less than half the weight of the dragoon. The Colt Army model is 14 inches long only slightly differing from the Navy Model which is one inch shorter. Colt replaced the octagonal barrel with a round barrel featuring internal rifling and the hinged loading lever with a new creeping lever in 1860. The Union purchased over 107,000 of the revolvers between 1861 and 1863 with a price tag of $13.75 each. That price made the Colt Army Revolver far more expensive than those made by Remington or Starr. The high cost coupled with the death of Colt in 1862 caused government orders to cease after November 1863.

The Confederate government gave interest free loans and lucrative contracts to encourage a number of entrepreneurs to begin making sidearms for the army. Griswold and Gunnison were one of only three manufacturers of pistols who took advantage of those incentives and the only company to achieve any degree of success in the South. In 1862, the Confederate Ordnance Department selected Griswold and Gunnison to make all the pistols they possibly could.

Griswold operated a cotton gin factory in Georgia before the war so he and Gunnison set up their manufacturing operation there. Their pistols were almost exact replicas of the Colt .36 caliber Navy pistol. The main differences between the two pistols were the brass frame instead of steel and a round barrel. The Confederate army used brass because of a shortage of suitable metals. The pistols were of good quality but the company was only able to make 3,600 pistols during its three year existence. The revolvers were sold to the Southern army for an astounding price of $40.00 each. The factory was destroyed by Gen. Sherman in 1864. Today, only a few of these pistols remain.

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