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The Helmet of Taramis by Marto of Toledo Spain is the Official Licensed replica of the Helmet used by the Guards of the evil Queen in the Conan the Destroyer movie. The Helmet is made of metal with wood horns, and is leather lined. The masters at Marto have painstakingly recreated every detail of this classic and uniquley memorable full size, top quality movie replica Helmet.

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CONAN THE DESTROYER PROP REPLICA HELM (1984)NobleWares Image of Officially Licensed Conan the Destroyer Prop Replicas Helm of Taramis 353S by Marto
CONAN353S) by MARTO of Toledo Spain
Contrary to what most sites presenting this prop replica proclaim, this Helm was not worn by the Evil Queen Taramis herself, but rather it was worn by the horsemen Guards of the Queen. Although if you watch the trailer below you will note that the Queen does have quite an amazing piece of headgear (0:49) of her own, it is not the licensed item presented here (0:42). So all of you male warriors that have always wanted one of these but declined to wear because it was a "helm worn by a chick" now you can let go of any confused gender inhibition and wear this Helm with a full tank of testosterone!
Made of thick heavy guage steel the helm features a spiked rim, reenforsed nose guard and rectangle eye slits. If you are wondering why this helm seems so familliar, it may be that you saw it worn by Thulsa Doom´s warriors in the first Conan movie "Conan the Barbarian" WITHOUT horns . They were obviously re-used in "Conan the Destroyer" by the guards of Queen Taramis - but this time horns were afixed to both sides of the helmets. Cutting costs are not only good for making movies but can be great for buying collectibles too! Check out our great price on this one!


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Overall Length: Full Size prop replica
Helmet: Thick Guage Stanless Steel
Liner: Leather

Official Licensed Reproduction

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In the movie Conan the Destroyer, Taramis, evil Queen of Shadizar, hires Conan the Cimmerian to lead a quest to secure two magical artifacts; the Heart of Ahriman and the Horn of Dagoth. According to the Scrolls of Skelos, Taramis needs these items to awaken her god Dagoth, the Dreaming God. In exchange for his services, Taramis promises Conan the Barbarian that she will magically resurrect his lost love Valeria. Queen Taramis also sends her niece, the Princess Jehnna, on the quest because only this psychically gifted girl can touch the magical artifacts without being killed. Conan takes along his thief pal Malak, and later recruits his old friend Akiro the Wizard, and a woman warrior named Zula to fill out his quest team.

What Conan doesn't know is that the treacherous Taramis is only keeping Jehnna a virgin in order to sacrifice her to Dagoth, and that Bombata's orders are to kill him as soon as he procures the magical treasures.
With Jehnna's help, Conan succeeds in stealing both the Heart of Ahriman and the Horn of Dagoth, and foils Bombata's attempts to kill him. To further frustrate Bombata's and Taramis' hidden agenda, Akiro, Conan's magician friend, has also read the Book of Skelos, translating it from hieroglyphics on the walls of an ancient temple. Akiro informs his barbarian friend Conan that Taramis plans to sacrifice Jehnna to Dagoth, and that reawakening Dagoth the Dreaming God is probably not a good idea since it would result in "death to the world". Bombata again tries to kill Conan, then steals Jehnna back to Shadizar where she has a date with a sacrificial dagger after she places the Horn back into Dagoth's forehead. Conan now has a clue that Taramis' promise to resurrect his lost love Valeria was a lie. Conan returns to Shadizar with his team, where they are barely in time to save Princess Jehnna's lovely throat from the dagger of Dagoth's priest. Conan kills Bombata and trashes Taramis by feeding her to her god Dagoth. Then Conan slays the hideous Dagoth , thus saving all life on earth in the Hyborean Age.
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