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IR8060124 IOTC
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The Dark Lord helmet is a wicked awesome creation. This fantasy helm features an authentic design which offers our buyers top quality manufacturing at an amazing price! This item is a must for all evil doers, rulers of minions and powerful Dark Lords.

One size fits mostNobleWares Imageof Dark Lord Helmet IR8060124 by IOTC

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This is a very ferocious looking fantasy design helmet. Ominous and imposing, this mask-like helmet is worn so that the steel talon Jaw and Brow guards are positioned over the wearer's face. There is a strap located for the back of the head to hold the helmet in place, but the Helm does not have a back plate as usually found in common helmet types. The top 'tail' is articulated to bend over the top/back of the head to create an inhuman head shape. Made of 18 gauge rugged steel, the extended skull cap with a massive hinged spiked steel face guard are all chemically treated to look battle worn, aged and beautifully grotesque. This item is a must for all evil rulers of minions and powerful Dark Lords. Specifications Height approx 22 inches extended, Width 10 inches.

Please Note: The helmet requires a little padding to be comfortable and fits an average size head correctly. Most costuming includes a black head and face scarf which can easily be padded with our helmet pad. Though chemically antiqued, this item is new with no cosmetic defects. One size fits most.
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Overall Length: approx 22 inches
Helmet: Thick Gauge Treated Steel
Head Strap: Adjustable Leather

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