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7616 YTC Summit
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This magnifiscent vase/goblet measures 12.5 inches tall and features twin wyvern or wivern. Wyvern is a legendary fire-breathing winged reptilian creature with two legs and a barbed tail often found in mediaeval heraldry. The word is derived from Middle English wyvere, from Old North French wivre "viper".

Cast in quality Bronze resin with hand-panted details.

L: 9 x W: 5" x H: 12.5"

DRAGON LORENobleWares Image of Wyvern Vase YT 7616 by YTC Summit
In medieval symbolism, dragons were often symbolic of apostasy and treachery, but also served as symbols for independence, leadership and strength. Many dragons also represent wisdom; slaying a dragon not only gave access to its treasure hoard, but meant the hero had bested the most cunning of all creatures. In some cultures, especially Chinese, or around the Himalayas, dragons are considered to represent good luck.

Joseph Campbell in the The Power of Myth viewed the dragon as a symbol of divinity or transcendence because it represents the unity of Heaven and Earth by combining the serpent form (earthbound) with the bat/bird form (airborne).

Dragons embody both male and female traits as in the example from Aboriginal myth that raises baby humans to adulthood training them for survival in the world (Littleton, 2002, p. 646). Another contrast in the way dragons are portrayed is their ability to breathe fire but live in the ocean--water and fire together. And like in the quote from Joseph Campbell above, they also include the opposing elements of earth and sky. Dragons represent the joining of the opposing forces of the cosmos.
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