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7727 YTC Summit
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Though your nights may not be meak and dweary, you'll still feel like Poe with this raven perched upon a cast resin skull looking over you. The exquisite detail of this cast resin sculpture could fool even a real raven. The hand-painted details of the skull make it appear as though it is really an aged human skull. Nearly 8" tall the sculpture featres a felt bottom so it won't scratch your display surface.

L: 5.5" x W: 5.75" x H: 7.75"

Crow Medicines and LegendsNobleWares Image of Skull Raven Statue 7727 by YTC Summit CollectionNobleWares Image of Skull Raven Statue 7727 by YTC Summit Collection
Some AmerIndian tribes believed Crow was the keeper of the sacred law and could shape-shift. He protected the sacred writings of Great Spirit. Crow is an omen of transformation. The bird has been associated with the Ghost Dance movement of 1890. Crow has no sense of time and lives in the Void, having the ability to the past, present and future at the same time. The Alaskan Athapaskan tribe believed crow created the world. Crow is considered to be the entrance to the supernatural and is associated with illusion.Crow has been likened to the trickster of Native American power animals.
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