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SWORD OF MERLIN THE MAGICIANNobleWares Image of Sword of Merlin the magician 770 by Marto of Spain (770) MARTO of Spain
MERLIN, his name means FALCON. When Merlin was born to the beautiful Lady of the Lake, the great druid Hafgan, from whom Merlin was to learn all his magic, announced the birth of "The Great Lord of Light". His grandfather taught him to be a great warrior and tireless defender of the Empire.

The fantasy Merlin the Magician Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain has a very particular shaped tempered steel blade ornamented on the upper part with a metal plaque depicting the wizard's head on a wyvern body. The Silver plated cast metal hilt is ornamented with many symbolic figures in relief and surmounted by a smooth mirrored metal sphere. Marto swords feature the world famous forged and fully tempered stainless Toledo 440 steel blades that have been polished and detailed. This blade will not rust and requires minimal care.


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Overall Length: 48"
Blade: tempered stainless Toledo 440 steel

Handle: Silver plated with intricate carved details surmounted by mirror polished silver sphere pommel

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Sword of Merlin the magician 770 by Marto of Spain
He became Merlin the warrior druid, loyal counselor to Uther, supreme ruler of Britain. On the death of King Uther, without any legitimate heir, Merlin drove his sword Excalibur into a solid rock and gave his people a message: "You look for a sign. Who pulls this sword from the rock will be the true King of all England". Merlin then became tutor to Uther's bastard son Arthur, teaching him all the wiles of a good sovereign and keeping him hidden until the time came to unsheath Excalibur from its rock and claim his title as King of England. Once peace and harmony ruled in Britain, Merlin withdrew to his own abode. "Now you can continue to rule without my advice, go on ruling fairly and the future will speak of you".
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