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STAFF OF MERLIN THE MAGICIANNobleWares Iamge of Staff of Merlin the magician 850 by Marto of Spain (850) MARTO of Spain
MERLIN, his name means FALCON. When Merlin was born to the beautiful Lady of the Lake, the great druid Hafgan, from whom Merlin was to learn all his magic, announced the birth of "The Great Lord of Light". His grandfather taught him to be a great warrior and tireless defender of the Empire.

The fantasy Merlin The Magician Staff by Marto of Toledo Spain is made of wood, partially covered with black leather. Its upper part is made of Silver plated metal with symbolic figures in relief depicting "the life and the death". The apex of the staff is composed of a blue crystal fixed in a heart shaped frame , surmounted by an Imperial globe with cross, ornated with 24K Gold plated metal and red crystal inlays.

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Overall Length: 64"
Staff Head: Silver plated with intricate carved details incasing a blue crystal, surmounted by Imperial globe and cross with 24K gold detail and red crystal inlays"

Staff Shaft:2 Wooden Shafts, one partially covered in black leather simulated snakeskin and joined via antique silver plated fittings and butt cap.

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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