Caution: The blade of your Katana is extremely sharp and may cause serious injury. Make sure that the blade edge is never in a position where it could injure yourself or others. Never clean or oil the blade with the edge towards you and avoid touching the edge at all times. Never draw or sheath the Katana with edge towards you. Never allow children to handle the Katana.

Caution: Swords have very sharp blades and must be handled very carefully to avoid injury. When maintaining a blade, make sure that the sword is resting on a flat, stable surface and always avoid touching the edge. Never try to “catch” a sword that is falling – this is the cause of most sword-related injuries. Let it fall, it is unlikely to be damaged.

Caution: Do not swing any edged weapon carelessly or unnecessarily. Remember that swords were developed as lethal weapons and must be treated with the utmost respect to avoid injury to yourself and others. Do not unsheath your sword until you make sure that you are well out of reach of other people.

Disassembling a Katana
Cleaning a Katana

All metal parts of your sword should always be protected from corrosion. Your sword is shipped with a protective coating to protect the blades during ocean transport and this should be carefully removed using a rag or paper towel, if your dealer has not already done so, and replaced by a light coat of oil or a silicone spray. The blade should be cleaned and recoated after each use. If your sword is stored in its scabbard for extended periods it should be inspected regularly to ensure that the protective coating is still intact and re-coated as necessary.

A light silicone spray will help to weatherproof leather and leather-covered scabbards as well as helping to maintain their appearance. Do not treat leather-covered handles this way, as grip will be adversely affected. Lacquered scabbards (saya) require only occasional polishing with a soft cloth.

Note: NobleWares would like to sincerely thank the people at SwordNArmoury for making these video tutorials available for use through Youtube. They are very informative, accurate and thus helpful to the sword enthusiast and martial arts community.

Also Special Thanks to CAS Hanwei for the safety information provided for this page.
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