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Lord of the Rings

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Lord of the Rings

C3G310095 Gentle Giant

Our Price: $129.90 (In Stock)

Stylized in polystone, you wont
be able to hide from this
Dark Rider standing over
14 inches tall...but he wont
be able to find you either...
coz it is just a statue.

ANIMATED RINGWRAITH ON HORSE MAQUETTE NobleWares image of Lord of the Rings 10095 Animated Ringwraith on Horse Maquette by Gentle Giantby Gentle Giant
Ringwraiths are creatures of the twilight world. To most they appear as black-robed figures on horseback, but wearing the One-Ring Frodo sees them in their true form: wretched husks of their former selves, tall, thin and sapped of mortality, pale twisted masks of the will of Sauron. Based on film depiction but with a toon-inspired style, this dynamic polyresin statue of a malevolent and malicious Ringwraith on his horse would invoke terror throughout Middle-earth. This finely crafted sculpture will draw the eye of anyone who ventures near. Have you courage to bring one into your home? This Dark Rider and Horse stands over 14 inches tall! Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

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Overall: 14" tall

Limited Edition: 1500

Stylized polystone statue

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Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant LTD Officially Licensed Product
Lord of the Rings movie is a trademark and copyright of New Line Cinema.
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles