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Lord of the Rings

UC1411 United Cutlery

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This actor's scale gauntlet is wearable
and is crafted with antiqued iron parts featuring an intaglio surfacing and a genuine leather-lined interior that precisely matches the original movie prop, which has more than 30 moving pieces. The index finger bears the familiar "One Ring" that features a 24-K gold plated finish and engraved inscription. Each gauntlet is presented with a glass dome and wood display stand also adorned with "The One Ring" inscription and a brass medallion. This adult collectible is strictly limited to 3000 pieces worldwide and is individually serialized on a solid brass plate mounted on the inside of the gauntlet to ensure authenticity.

The second product in the Dark Lord Sauron™ collection, the ultimate in The Lord of the Rings™ collectibles, is this authentically detailed gauntlet, a reproduction of the gauntlet prominently featured in The Lord of the Rings,™ The Fellowship of the Ring,™ presented by New Line Cinema.

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Gauntlet Material: Iron, antique worn metal finish, intaglio etch, genuine leather lined interior. Individually serialized solid brass plate.

Ring: Cast metal, 24-K gold plated finish, engraved inscription.

Display: 11-1/8" x 11-1/8" solid wood base, glass dome dust cover, brass medallion, hardware, instructions included.

Limited to 3000 worldwide.

• The One Ring, which is permanently attached to Sauron's finger, is embellished with Elvish script and plated in 24-K gold.

• The dimensions of Sauron's finger are consistent with the Dark Lord's colossal proportions: approximately 7" long x 1.5" in diameter.

• The Sauron One Ring sits atop a 11-1/8 solid wood display base with a removable glass dome dust cover

Limited Edition: Highly collectible this piece is limited to 3000 worldwide and is individually serialized, fully authorized and licensed by New Line Cinema, and manufactured by United Cutlery

United® Cutlery Brands, industry leader in fine movie reproductions, has meticulously recreated the actual prop, making close attention to detail a priority in every piece.


In the Battle of the Last Alliance in the Second Age, the Dark Lord Sauron™ was rendered a fragment of his former self when Isildur, King of Gondor, cut off the finger of this gauntlet that bore "The One Ring," the source of Sauron's power. After returning to his tower of Barad-dŸr, the Dark Lord began coursing for the one who carried the Ring. The manifestation of all that is evil, the will of Sauron is the ultimate threat to peace on Middle-earth. His spirit remains bound to the world as long as "The One Ring" exists. Even in this ethereal state he can exert his dominance over those in his service.

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Lord of the Rings

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