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Lord of the Rings

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Lord of the Rings

909885 Limited Edition

sold out

OFFICIALLY LICENSED LIMITED EDITION - only 2,500 individually serialized pieces to be issued worldwide. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

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LIFE-SIZED GOLLUM STATUENobleWares Image of Lord of the Rings Life Size Gollum Statue 909885 by Rubies (909885) by RUBIES
Creature Realism for your Lord of the Rings collection. RUBIES has re-created Gollum into a brilliant creation that is destined to be the Ultimate Lord of the Rings Statue. A Supreme Edition this Gollum replica looks and feels like the real wretched creature!. Life-sized 1:1 Scale (which, of course in this case, is the size of the slimy ex-Hobbit). The figure is mounted on a highly detailed base, and the finishing touch of a LOTR plaque built into the base makes this a truly authentic Lord of the Rings collector's masterpiece. Limited to 2,500 pieces Worldwide, this piece comes numbered with plaque and certificate of authenticity.

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Overall Length: 2'4" Tall including the stand. Crouching Gollum stands 1'8"H (w/out base)

Material: Fiberglass & foam latex, has realistic hair, a cloth tunic, features amazing detail.

Weight: 20 lbs.

A Character from Middle-Earth
There is perhaps no other character in Middle-earth as complex as Gollum. Both reviled and revered, he is a critical link in The Lord of the Rings universe. Tortured and wrought wretched by the lure of the One Ring, Gollum is a withered, piteous creature. Driven mad and twisted by his loss of the One Ring decades ago, he is compelled to haunt Middle-earth, searching everywhere for the only thing in the world he ever cared for, his “precious”. When the Fellowship is broken, Gollum tries to steal the Ring from Frodo and Sam in The Two Towers, but ends up being their unlikely guide into Mordor. He is leading them into a trap so he can reclaim the One Ring for himself.
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New Line Cinema
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.