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Lord of the Rings

UC1370ABNB United Cutlery

List Price: $416.00
Our Price: $229.90


Replica from the movie prop
420 Stainless Steel Blade
Officially Licensed Product
Includes custom wood wall plaque

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HERUGRIM SWORD OF KING THEODENNobleWares Image of Lord of the Rings Herugrim Sword of King Theoden and wall display UC1370ABNB from United Cutlery (UC1370ABNB) by United Cutlery
Gandalf said to Theoden, "Your fingers would remember their old strength better if they grasped your sword," and at that moment Theoden's mind cleared, his authority as king returned to him, and his great sword, Herugrim was once more returned to his grasp. Theoden went on to lead the defense of Helm's Deep and the charge of the Rohirrim to the aid of Gondor and against the hordes of the enemy that assailed the White City. This is Herrugrim, the sword of King Theoden of Rohan. This high quality item is an officially licensed reproduction from the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This attractive battle sword measures 36 1/2" and features a 27 1/2" heat tempered, 420 stainless steel blade with a wide fuller. The hilt features a genuine leather wrap for a superb grip, and of sturdy rat-tail tang construction. The solid metal guard and pommel offer an antique brass plated finish, and the guard is uniquely crafted with opposing horse heads design. This item includes a parchment certificate of authenticity and a 11" x 10-1/2" x 3/4" wood display plaque with silkscreen design.

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Overall Length: 36 1/2"

Blade Length: 27-1/2"

Grip: 3 1/4"

Point of Balance: 3 1/8"

Weight: 4 lbs 1 oz

Officially Licensed Product

Lord of the Rings HERUGRIM Sword of King Theoden and wall display UC1370ABNB from United Cutlery

In "The Return of the King", Monarch of the land of Rohan, King Theoden, fell under the power of the wizard Saruman through the slithering machinations of his servant Grima. Only through the intervention of Gandalf the White was Theoden exorcised of Saruman's corrupting influence and “the black staff fell from king's hand clattering on the stones. He drew himself up, slowly, as a man that is stiff from long bending over some dull toil. Now tall and straight he stood, and his eyes were blue as he looked into the opening sky.” Theoden himself realized that “dark have been my dreams of late … I would now that you had come before, Gandalf”. Theoden’s transformation is highly symbolic as it reveals superiority of Good over Evil.

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