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MF1528 Marto of Spain
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MF1528.1 Marto of Spain
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BANNERS OF CALATRAVANobleWares Image of Banner of Knights Order of Calatrava MF1528 and MF1528.1 by Marto of Spain BY MARTO OF SPAIN

Marto of Spain is world renown for quality and this Banner of the Medieval Order of Calatrava is no exception. Made of 100% cotton this banner features a black rectangular field with jagged bottom edge. The red Calatrava Order's emblem, a greek cross in gules with fleur-de-lys at its ends, is centered and sewn within the black field. The Banners come in two style choices, both measuring 44 inches from top to bottom and 28 inches across. Our double sided banner (MF1528) is best used in the field when both sides of the banner can be seen; such as when it is required to be hoisted upon a standard or trumpet etc. Where as, the single sided version (MF1528.1) can be used when hanging the banner proudly against your castle or office wall.


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44 inches high by 28 inches wide
Historically Accurate

Material: 100% Sturdy Cotton
Your Choice of Double or Single sided

These banners replicate the typical style once furled by the Noble Knights of the Order of Calatrava who were openly active during the years 1158-1489.

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MARTO of Spain The most popular sword and armour maker in the world. Arguably the best decorative sword and armour maker to date. Marto was founded in 1961 in the old district of Toledo Spain. Their mission is to regain the testimony and the techniques of the master craftsman. Joining traditional hand crafts with modern materials, are a team of men willing to make a daily effort to achieve the unsurpassed quality which Marto is identified with worldwide. All original Marto molds are given the utmost attention so that no detail is neglected. The hilts are shaped from the original piece and are hand finished and polished. The blades are crafted from the finest 420 stainless steel and are fully tempered to 48-53 Rockwell hardness. Marto is also the skilled maker of Suits of Armor, Shields, Pole Arms & Licensed Collectibles (Martespa)
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Knights of the Calatrava Order Tunics MF1517 and Calatrava Knight's Cloak MF1522 by Marto of Spain
The Order of Calatrava
was a major military and religious order founded on Castile in the XII Century. The order was originated in 1158 when King Sancho III of Castile ceded the fortress of Calatrava to Raymond, abbot of the Cistercian monastery of Fitero, with instructions to defend it against the Moors. The order of knights and monks who defended the fort were formally recognized by the pope in 1164, and the Order became closely affiliated with the Cistercian abbey of Morimond in 1187. By the 15th century it had a membership of 200,000 and an annual income of 45,000 ducats. As the pace of the re-conquest slowed, the order became increasingly involved in Castilian domestic politics. To neutralize this potential threat to the crown, the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella, with papal sanction, took over the administration of the order in 1489.
The Calatrava Cross was the emblem of the Order and consists of a greek cross of gules with fleur-de-lys at the ends of each cross arm. REF/CREDITS
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Marto of Toledo Spain
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.