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SG250 Deluxe Black

List Price: $
Our Price: $

Overall Length: 45"
Handle Length: 8-1/2 "
Blade Length: 34-1/2"
Weight: 4 lbs 5 oz

Blade Material: High polished 420C Stainless Steel tempered to 45-50 HRC
Handle Material: Metal cast black hilt with 24k gold plating in pommel and hand guard, leather wrapped handle bound in gold.

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Art Gladius historical swords and daggers are detailed representations of the swords of famous historical figures or legendary heroes. Blades are highly polished 420C stainless steel construction, tempered to 45-50 HRC. The Black Prince blade is un-edged for safety. The guards and pommels are metal cast, and feature elaborate gold silver or bronze-filled engravings, incorporating exquisite detailing appropriate to the history of the sword (SG250) or matching dagger(SG514). The Black Prince Sword is available in two hilt finishes, all making extensive use of precious metal plating. These swords are suitable for costuming, decoration and collection only. They are not intended for cutting or striking against other objects.

The Black Prince, son of Edward III of England, is remembered in history for his great victory over the French at the Battle of Agincourt during the Hundred Years' War. Undoubtedly one of England's finest royal warriors, he earned his name from his blackened armor and accouterments. This elegant representation of his sword (SG250) and complementing dagger(SG514) by Gladius feature his coat of arms emblazoned on the hilt and his motto on the pommel.

Black Prince (1330 - 1376)
Edward, Prince of Wales, is remembered by some as a great chivalric hero of British history, and an able commander with notable victories at the Battles of Crecy and Poitiers. The son of Edward III, king of England from 1327, he himself never ruled as king because he died a year before his father.

At the Battle of Crécy, which was fought on the 26th August following, King Edward, desirous that his noble son should "win his spurs," gave him the command of the van, with the counsel and assistance of the Earl of Warwick and Sir John Chandos. The tradition near the spot is, that the King had ordered the Prince to wear, on that day, a black cuirass, richly ornamented; and that, from this incident, he retained the surname attributed to him in history. The defeat of the enemy is known to have been complete; and the delighted father, embracing his son on the field of victory, eulogized his valour and pronounced him worthy of empire.

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