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TEMPLAR SWORD DECORATED w/Damascened 24K Gold 597 Marto
The Marto 597 Damascene Templar Sword of the Order of the Knights Templar is inspired by the Spanish swords from the time of Philip II. The double edge blade is constructed of 440 Toledo Steel and is fully tempered for strength and flexibility. The low maintenance stainless steel has been brought to a lustrous mirror polish, and features dramatic cut outs within its fuller that run the entire length of the blade.
The duo-tone Pommel carries the seal of the Templar Order in Silver and is surrounded by three Ruby-like Crystals mounted in gold fixtures upon the Zamak Silver pommel foundation. The grip is of Maroon Velvet wrap secured in Silver & Gold detailing.
The intricately detailed silver & gold Zamak plated hilt features a Cathedral design that takes the form of a Templar cross Pattée. The Damascened Artwork centered within both sides of the sword hilt is meticulously handmade and created by Marto's damascene artisans, therefore making the design of each piece is unique. The artistic patterns are obtained by engraving deep, patterned cuts into steel and then placing a gold foil into the lines of the design. This foil is hammered until the gold (18/greenish and 24/yellow carat) penetrates into the cuts, forming the design. Each piece is treated with a bluing solution to obtain oxidation and a dramatic black background is created. Surrounding the Templar Cross Pattée is inscribed the Vichiers Seal: SIGILLUM MILITUM XPISTI roughly translated "Seal of the Soldiers of Christ".
Each Templar sword is blade stamped with Marto Toledo Seals of authenticity and comes boxed with Marto certificates of Origin and Quality. Exemplary of Marto’s world-renown quality, this Templar Sword is an exquisite addition to any sword enthusiast’s collection.
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Overall Length: 47-1/4"
Blade Length: 36-1/2"
Blade Width at Guard: 2"

Guard Width: 9"
Blade Edge: Dual Edge Unsharpened
Blade Material: 440C Stainless Steel
Blade: Tempered steel, w/cut outs
Point of Balance: 5-1/2" below guard

Hilt: Silver w/ gold Damascene accents
Grip: Maroon Velvet Wrap

Sword Weight: 4 lbs 4.6 oz

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.
Marto Toledo Certificate of Origin and Quality
MARTO of Toledo Spain The most popular sword maker in the world. All original Marto molds are given the utmost attention so that no detail is neglected. The hilts are cast in molten metal from an original masterfully sculpted piece and are hand finished and polished. The blades are crafted from the finest 440 stainless steel and are fully tempered to 48-53 Rockwell hardness. Marto is also a skilled maker of Suits of Armor, Shields, & Small Collectibles.
full view image of Marto 597 Knight's Templar Sword Decorated in Demascened 24K Gold
spacer The Knight's Templar
The Templar Order was established in 1119 to ensure the custody of the Holy places and to protect the pilgrimage routes. The order reached its maximum splendor on the XIII century.
The knights Templar considered themselves as knights of God, honor of the church and of Christianity. Their lema was "NON NOBIS, DOMINE, NON NOBIS, SED TUO NOMINI DA GLORIAM" (Give Glory, Not for us, God, not for us, but for your name).

The Templars fought along side King Richard I (Richard The Lion Hearted) and other Crusaders in the battles for the Holy Lands. It was a very well organized military force and they were the clash forces in all the Crusades. They were in the vanguard during the attack and in the rearguard during the retreat. During a century, they ensured the effective government of the Latin kingdom of Constantinople. They did not pay taxes or tributes, and they had properties in all Europe and the Middle East. Their loyalties observe none for answered only to the Pope.
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