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Dragons came to be
seen as symbolic for a
connection to the natural
world representing
strength & protection.

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LARGE MEDIEVAL DRAGON SKULLNobleWares Image of Large Medieval Dragon Skull 9255 by Pacific Trading 9255 PAC TRAD
This wicked skull has an impressive and realistic look, which is coupled by its impressive size. The dragon skull head is a remarkable prop for theatre or film, and makes an awesome jaw dropper in any home or office decor; why it may even scare off a few rabbits and crows in a garden setting! The dragon's skull has spiraling horns, bony ridges and realistic scales. One could easliy set a couple of red lights within its sockets to give it a firery and menacing stare. The dragon skull is made of cold cast resin and measures 20 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 26 inches long! Warning: There will be talk among the people that you are not only a brave Knight but also a fearless dragon slayer! ..oh , and the neighbors will write songs about you!


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Height:18-1/2 inches
Width: 18 inches
Depth: 26 inches
Material: Cold Cast Stone Resin
Hand Painted w/ an Ancient Bone Finish

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In medieval symbolism, dragons were often symbolic of apostasy and treachery, but also served as symbols for independence, leadership and strength. Many dragons also represent wisdom; slaying a dragon not only gave access to its treasure hoard, but meant the hero had bested the most cunning of all creatures. In some cultures, especially Chinese, or around the Himalayas, dragons are considered to represent good luck. Joseph Campbell in the The Power of Myth viewed the dragon as a symbol of divinity or transcendence because it represents the unity of Heaven and Earth by combining the serpent form (earthbound) with the bat/bird form (airborne). Dragons embody both male and female traits as in the example from Aboriginal myth that raises baby humans to adulthood training them for survival in the world (Littleton, 2002, p. 646). Another contrast in the way dragons are portrayed is their ability to breathe fire but live in the ocean--water and fire together. And like in the quote from Joseph Campbell above, they also include the opposing elements of earth and sky. Dragons represent the joining of the opposing forces of the cosmos.

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MEDIEVAL Decor : Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7backNext Medieval knife from the Legends In Steel Collection
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