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AA2100 Art Gladius

decorative not intended for battle)
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16TH CENTURY GAUNTLETSNobleWares Image of AA2100 Decorative Gauntlets by Art GladiusAA2100 Decorative Gauntlets by Art Gladius AA2100 BY ART GLADIUS of SPAIN
The armour Gauntlet with separate and articulated fingers and wrist protection by Art Gladius of Spain is typical of the spanish armory of the 16th century. In technique and tradition, these full size Gauntlets are crafted in 18 gauge steel by the skilled artisans. These beautiful works of art can be table or wall mounted, often in combination with weapons or other armour pieces for stunning display. Theses highly valued historically accurate collector pieces will bring the nobility and elegant splendor of the past to any home or office.


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Overall Length: 16 3/8"
Fully Articulated

Material: 18 Gauge Steel
Weight: approx 4.6 lbs

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Every knight needed one set of armour for tournament and one for warfare. Each cost a fortune. Suits of armour had to be made to measure. There were over one hundred and fifty parts, such as gauntlets, breastplates, thigh plates, helmets, and from top to toe, each had to fit perfectly. Protecting oneself in battle has always been a concern for any soldier, and medieval knights were no exception. In fact, it was their protective armor that helped define them as a military unit and social class as armoring oneself during the Middle Ages was a great expense that only the wealthy could afford. Today, the Medieval Knight's Armour and Medieval Swords are both exceptionable symbols of Historic and Noble times, and are often adapted to make beautiful focal pieces to many interior decors.
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MEDIEVAL Gauntlets : Page 1 2backNext Medieval knife from the Legends In Steel Collection
Art Gladius Armor
ART GLADIUS ® is a registered trademark of ART GLADIUS of SPAIN
Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.