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AH1090 Hanwei
Sold Out
Thickness: 18 gauge steel
2 lbs. 8 oz.

Dating from the 15th century, the Barbuta (1090-GT) shows a strong resemblance to much older Corinthian helms. Originating in Italy, the Barbuta saw widespread use throughout Europe. Fully wearable, the helm is constructed in 18 gauge steel and fitted with an adjustable liner.

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Barbuta's have their origins in Italian bascinets of the late 14th and early 15th Century. The Barbuta is a conical, open-faced helmet, whose sides and back are extended down offering excellent face and neck protection. It is characterized by its rounded skull and a t-shaped opening for the face, which are sometimes expanded into a fully open face.

The barbuta and the Italian style of sallet (celata) were related, the difference being that the Barbuta was longer and had a shaped face opening, as here, with rounder eyes and a projecting nasal. It bears a strong resemblance to classical Greek helmets and is often referred to as the "Corinthian Barbuta" for this reason. The Barbuta found favour in the area of Venice and the north-east coast, and an early example, dated to around 1420, from the Rhodes armouries, has a crown of one piece, and the tubular sides made out of another piece, which is riveted on, horizontally around the brow level.

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MEDIEVAL Helms : Page 1 2 3 4Next Medieval knife from the Legends In Steel Collection
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