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Authentically constructed, this full size Burgonet Armour Helm can be worn or proudly displayed in your home or castle when not in use.

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BURGONET ARMOUR HELMNobleWares Image of Burgonet Armour Helmet NW80642 made in India NW80642 MADE IN INDIA
The Burgonet helmet was popular towards the end of the 16th century and it was commonplace throughout Europe. Highly authentic in design and construction, this full sized wearable collector's piece features brass trim on the visor, neck gorget and skull plate, and distinguished crest. The series of traceries cut in to the visor were useful to improve the air flow inside the helm. This Medieval Knights Helm is fully articulated and is a full size replica which can be worn and proudly displayed when not in use. Highly authentic in design and construction, this medieval collector's piece measures 14 inches tall by 9 inches wide and weighs approx 6 lbs. Constructed of 18 gauge steel this very affordable helm comes pre-oiled for protection from rust or tarnishing. Perfect for theatre, film, LARP or Medieval reenactment events.


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Overall Height: 14"

Material: Heavy Gauge Steel and Brass
Weight: approx 6 lbs

Please Note: Minor cosmetic imperfections are a natural characteristic of genuine hand made armour.


The burgonet helmet (sometimes called a burgundian sallet) was a Renaissance-era and early modern combat helmet. It was the successor of the sallet. Commonplace throughout Europe, it first came into use early in the 16th century and had attained its classic form by c. 1550. Accompanied by plate armour, burgonets were mostly worn by cavalry, cuirassiers, demi-lancers and, in Eastern Europe, hussars. The burgonet was common among the mercenary Swiss infantry who were pikemen who could defend themselves against cavalry (perhaps taking helmets of this form as trophies)

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THE CLIP This permanent exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the largest collections of arms and armor in America. Spanning Roman and Greek antiquity through medieval times, this collection includes armor for men and women, as well as the guns, knives and axes designed to defeat it.
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