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SG277 Silver

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Overall Length: 43-1/4"
Handle Length: 7"
Blade Length: 34"
Weight: 4 lbs 13 oz

Blade Material: High polished 420C Stainless Steel tempered to 45-50 HRC
Handle Material: Metal cast silver plated hilt with gold and silver plated engravings in pommel and hand guard, leather wrapped handle bound in silver.

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Art Gladius historical swords are detailed representations of the swords of famous historical figures or legendary heroes. Blades are highly polished 420C stainless steel construction, tempered to 45-50 HRC. The Excalibur blade is un-edged for safety. The guards and pommels are metal cast, and feature elaborate gold silver or bronze-filled engravings, incorporating exquisite detailing appropriate to the history of the sword. The Lionheart Sword is available in two hilt finishes, all making extensive use of precious metal plating. These swords are suitable for costuming, decoration and collection only. They are not intended for cutting or striking against other objects.

Son of Henry II and King of England 1189-99, Richard I was known as a very powerful king, a chivalrous knight, and a fearless warrior. He was called Coeur de Lion or Richard the Lionheart, but he is best known as the Crusader King for his involvement in the Crusades. The Lionheart sword is a beautiful representation of the sword he carried in his quest for Jerusalem. Silver Hilt. Stainless Steel Blade. Blade length: 34 inches. Handle length: 7 inches. Overall length: 43 1/4 inches. Weight: 4lb 13oz.

Richard the Lionheart (1157 - 1199)
While Richard Plantagenet is revered as one of the great warrior kings of England, he is perhaps best known as "the absent king." This is due to the fact that during his reign from 1189-1199, he spent a total of six months in England. This aside Richard I was well known for his bravery which earned him the nickname "The Lionheart". A name that has reached epic and mythological proportions, best seen in literary works such as Robin Hood and Sir Walter Scott's novel Ivanhoe.

For such a brave and noble man, King Richard's death came about in a rather strange way. In Chalus, Aquitaine, a peasant plowing his fields came upon a treasure. This treasure consisted of some gold statues and coins. The feudal lord claimed the treasure from his vassal, Richard in turn claimed the treasure from the lord, who refused. This prompted Richard to siege the village.

During the siege Richard was riding close to the castle without the protection of full armor. He spotted an archer with bow in hand on the wall aiming a shot at him. It is said Richard paused to applaud the Bowman. He was struck in the shoulder with the arrow and refused treatment for his wound. Infection set in and Richard the Lionheart died on April the 6th 1199. He was buried in the Fontvraud Abbey in Anjou France.

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