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CHARLES V MOUNTED KNIGHT DECORATEDNobleWares Image of Charles V Mounted Knight Decorated 5500 by Art Gladius of Spain 5500 Art Gladius
This miniature mounted knight, representing figures from history in tournament armour, is beautifully crafted and decorated in the heraldic symbols of the royal houses of the knight’s country. The highly decorated "Charles V" mounted knight by Art Gladius stands 13 5/8" tall (excluding the lance) and is simply perfect for home display. Black, red, blue and gold armour is polished to a lustrous finish and only serves to accentuate the impressive attention to detail.


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Material: Wooden Horse, Steel Armour
Height: 13 5/8" (base bottom to Helm top)
Length: 12 1/4"
Wood Display Base

During the 13th - 15th centuries, Royalty and the Highest Military Class, the Knight wore Medieval Suits of Armour. Made by hammering and heating the Steel, the Knight's Armour and Sword were both powerful and unique works of art. Constructed by Craftsmen of the highest skill suits of armour were only afforded by the wealthy. The Working Class or Soldier for hire usually acquired their Armor on the battlefield from some unfortunate soul who had passed on in battle and who would not require it in the afterlife. The Medieval Knight's Armour and Medieval Swords are both exceptionable symbols of Historic and Feudal times of Europe and can be adapted to any interior decor. In Europe, Medieval Weapons and Suits of Armour are typically displayed in Home, Restaurant, Corporate, Cultural and Museum Environments. Each Suit of Medieval Armor, Medieval Helmet and Medieval Sword and Shield truly has a personal history of its own. The makers of Art Gladius, and Marto are highly skilled craftsmen who construct these beautiful Medieval pieces in the spirit of tradition, by hand.
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MEDIEVAL MiniKnights : Page 1 2 3 4 5 6backNext Medieval knife from the Legends In Steel Collection
Art Gladius Armor
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