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Height: 20.25" Width: 14.75"
4.00" Weight: 5 lbs

Highly detailed down to the grain of the shield and the Lions' fierce glass eyes. This piece is constructed from solid fiberglass resin and hand painted to perfection. A light and very durable design that that is easy to hang with adjustable "picture frame" bracket system. Sure to add elegance to any decor.

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The Lion Symbol

The lion motif was common in the ancient Middle Eastern civilizations as a battling, fighting and attacking force. In the Bible, the lion is portrayed as both capable of destroying and punishing, and of saving and protecting. Scholars speak of the influence of the medieval European heraldic lions decorating either side of the crests of the nobility, symbolizing balance, justice, order or guardianship. In medieval times, the lion appears frequently in ceremonial art — Standing, reclining or leaping, they are often seen in harmonious pairs, by contrast with other animals that are depicted in a state of struggle.

From ancient times to the present, the "Lion of Judah" has been one of the most popular symbols of the Jewish people. The Bible mentions the lions that roamed the deserts and mountains of the regions more than 150 times by six different names. Both the tribes of Dan and Judah are compared to lions, although it is Judah whose name ultimately became inextricably linked with this symbol (David, a descendant of Judah, is identified with the lion, as is the Davidic monarchy and the Messiah who will spring from this royal house). The writings of the Sages often draw moralistic analogies between the lion and the righteous individuals. For these and other reasons, the lion is heavily represented in ceremonial art throughout the ages.

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MEDIEVAL Plaques : Page 1 2backNext Medieval knife from the Legends In Steel Collection

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