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SG223 Bronze
ALBION Sword of Robin Hood

List Price: $
Our Price: $

Overall Length: 46 "
Handle Length: 9"
Blade Length: 35"
Weight: 5lbs. 4oz.

Blade Material: High polished 420C Stainless Steel tempered to 45-50 HRC
Handle Material: Metal cast with bronze plated and resin handle.

Available in three hilt finishes, all making extensive use of precious metal plating.

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Art Gladius historical swords are detailed representations of the swords of famous historical figures or legendary heroes. Blades are highly polished 420C stainless steel construction, tempered to 45-50 HRC. The Robin Hood blade is un-edged for safety and carries the famous inscription signature "Robin of Locksley". The guards and pommels are metal cast, and feature elaborate gold silver or bronze-filled engravings, incorporating exquisite detailing appropriate to the history of the sword. A jeweled red stone is centered within a beautiful celtic cross pommel of engraved classic celtic knot work. The ALBION Sword of Robin Hood Model is available in three hilt finishes, all making extensive use of precious metal plating. These swords are suitable for costuming, decoration and collection only. They are not intended for cutting or striking against other objects.

Who Was Robin Hood? Tradition tells that Robin Hood was an outlaw who poached the king's deer in the royal hunting forest of Sherwood. Stories relate how travelers through the forest provided rich pickings for the gentleman robber and his band of "Merry Men". We hear how he tricked and outwitted the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, turning the tables on corrupt churchmen and officials who abused their power over an oppressed peasantry.

"Who was he?" To give a direct answer to the question is difficult. Apart from a few oblique references to be found in medieval chronicles, much of our information is derived from a series of ballads sung in the latter half of the Middle Ages. These were adapted and modified over the next five hundred years until the representation of Robin Hood was quite different.

A birth date in the 12th Century places this Robin Hood in the reigns of Richard the Lionheart and his brother John. The costs of providing for the Crusades to the Holy Land had crippled the country's finances and reduced the political structure to chaos. Perhaps the repressed Saxons were looking for a popular champion and found him in Robin Hood.


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