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PA7890 SmithWare
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HAND FORGED MEDIEVAL SURGICAL KITNobleWares Image of Hand Forged Medieval Barber Surgeon Surgery Kit PA7890 PA7890 SmithWare
Each and every piece in this kit is hand forged entirely in carbon steel, and each piece also features a weathered and worn finish that makes the whole set look rather authentic. The set includes eight distinctive pieces, including one bone saw, one hinged clamp, one hinged scissor, two bistoury knives (one large, one small), one pick-probe, and two hooked apparatus (one singular, one double-headed). Essentially each piece is functional, but the kit is not designed for actual medical use by today's standards, although it makes an absolutely stunning costume prop, educational display or medieval decoration.


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Hand Forged
Historically Accurate

Material: Blackened Steel
Set includes 8 Distinctive Pieces

Not Designed for Medical Use

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BARBER SURGEN A barber- surgeon was a common medical practitioner that lived in the villages with many of the Medieval citizen. They often took up residence in castles where they also provided medical assistance to the wealthy. He preformed many surgeries but most of them considered simple surgeries. Some of the surgeries that a Barber Surgeon performed were extracting teeth, setting broken limbs, reticulating dislocated joints, and excising tumors and other skin lesions. They also worked in military camps where they commonly performed amputations for soldiers by sawing off the limbs. The need for sterilization was not known in medieval times thus the Barber- Surgeon often reused the same tools for every patient, further spreading disease all the while keeping his healing talents in high demand.
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THE CLIP: Medieval Battlefield First Aid 1
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MEDIEVAL SmithWares : Page 1 2 3backNext Medieval knife from the Legends In Steel Collection