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MAA Sergeants

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BATTLE READY HALBERD AXE SPEARNobleWares Image of MAA Sergeants Halberd Axe Spear 89MSG by Cold Steel 89MSG COLD STEEL
The Cold Steel Sergeant's Halberd is often seen as a ceremonial item, carried as a badge of rank by officers and NCOs alike, but in the 16th and 17th Century, it was a much feared weapon of war as well. Measuring 85 1/4' overall and featuring a sharpened 1055 carbon steel blade, this fully functional weapon is surprisingly rugged and durable. Its versatile design allows it to be used as a spear for thrusting, a hook to catch, trap and entangle and as a cutting tool to chop, cut and slice! The Sergeant's Halberd is a perfect addition to the collection of any historical re-enactor or Western Martial Artist and it makes a terrifically effective emergency self-defense tool when your life is on the line.


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Overall Length: 85 1/4"
Length: 21 1/4" (Head Height)
Width: 12"
Blade Material: 1055 Carbon Steel
Handle: 64" Ash Wood

Head Weight: 32.4 oz
Total Weight: 62.8 oz

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MAA Sergeants Halberd Axe Spear 89MSG by Cold Steel

At the end of the 13th century, the sword ruled supreme as the primary weapon of Knights and Men-At-Arms. However, with the introduction of steel plate armor, the popularity of the sword as a battlefield weapon began to wane. You see, the problem was the sword couldn't cut or crush steel plate and had to be specially designed for use only as a thrusting weapon if it was to have even a chance at piercing plate armor. Enter the Pole Arms- an ideal weapon for use against an opponent who is encased in plate steel. The heavy head could crush the strongest helmet or suit of plate armor with just a few blows and the back spike could rip through helm and plate like a modern can opener!

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