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Marto 564

List Price: $460.00
Price: $359.95

Length: 46"
Blade Material: 420A Stainless Steel
Handle: Gold detailed hand guard and pommel with crest, twin lion heads and embossed bust in pommel.

Toledo is famous for its historical character, its art and its steel. Marto inherits the testimony of the sword manufacturing traditions of Toledo Spain among the list of the most famous swordcutlers of its time. High quality pieces the market clearly identifies as; MARTO PRODUCTS.

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ROLDAN (Roland) Sword (564)
A French hero celebrated in medieval chansons de geste as the nephew of Charlemagne and defender of Christianity who was killed in battle against the Saracens at Roncesvalles in A.D. 778.

The custom-crafted hilt of this magnificent piece displays Marto's masterwork of unique design and appeal. The handguard makes as much use of its empty design space as it does its solid mass and support architecture. Heraldic Shield and crest are balanced between twin Lions heads of a handsome crescent shaped handguard. The Marto Roldan sword features a high quality mirror polished (low maintenance),420 stainless steel blade. Overall length 46". Decoratively etched hilt and pommel in an gold finish. Forged with Marto’s world-renown quality, this sword is a fantastic and unique addition to any sword enthusiast’s collection and a true collector's piece. Decorative use only..

The Story of Roland
Roland, the great French hero of the medieval Charlemagne cycle of chansons de geste, immortalized in the Chanson de Roland (11th or 12th cent.). Existence of an early Roland poem is indicated by the historian Wace's statement that Taillefer sang of Roland's deeds to inflame the men before the Battle of Hastings (1066).

The greatest hero in the Frankish legend, Roldan could be compared to great legendary heros such as Heracles, Achilles, Sigurd, Cu Chulainn or Lancelot, a hero of unsurpassed strength and courage. Roland was the main character of the epic, Chanson de Roland, which recounted the last stand of the Twelve Peers at Rencesvals.
According to the legend, Roland was a nephew of Charlemagne, through the king's sister. Neither his father or his mother's name were given in the Chanson de Roland.

Roland was a Frankish count and companion of Oliver. Roland was a hero of number of Old French epics, as well as the Italian tales, where he was known as Orlando. Veillantif was the name of his horse. Durendal was his sword and Olivant his horn. Even in the Arthurian legend, Roland's sword is mentioned, often in comparison of Arthur's sword, Excalibur.

Memory of Roland has been retained in the annals of history and legend, thanks to the Roncesvalles battle (August 15th 778). Charlemange's troops, coming back from the seige of Saragossa, suffered in the Pyrenees pass of Roncesvalles an attack from the Basque tribes helped by Moors. The narrowness of the pass and the weight of their weapons favoured the success of this attack on the Carolingian rearguard. In this tragic event Roland died, but legend and literature remembers him as the hero (Chanson de Roland, Rolandstat, Orlando Furioso, etc.) who faced 100 000 Saracens with his magic sword Durendal. Durendal, along with his horn "Oliphant", was a personal present from his lord Charlemange. Legends say that with a blow of Durendal, he opened a pass on the Pyrenees, known today as "Breche de Roland".

MARTO of Spain The most popular sword maker in the world. Arguably the best decorative sword maker to date. Marto was founded in 1961 in the old district of Toledo Spain. Their mission is to regain the testimony and the techniques of the master craftsman. Today Marto brings back to life the original art of the sword from the rapier and foil to the Japanese katana. Joining traditional hand crafts with modern materials, are a team of men willing to make a daily effort to achieve the unsurpassed quality which Marto is identified with worldwide. All original Marto molds are given the utmost attention so that no detail is neglected. The hilts are shaped from the original piece and are hand finished and polished. The blades are crafted from the finest 420 stainless steel and are fully tempered to 48-53 Rockwell hardness. Marto is also a skilled maker of Suits of Armor, Shields, & Small Collectibles (Martespa).


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Marto of Toledo Spain

Beware of counterfeits! Always insist on the officially licensed high quality collectibles.